Our range of club kit is produced for us by Swimzi and available to purchase twice a year usually in September and June. 


All kit is made specifically to order so there is a long lead time. Kit (apart from hoodies/joggers/Swimzi’s) ordered in September  should hopefully be delivered in time for Christmas. Sweatwear (hoodies/joggers/Swimzi’s) have a longer lead time so will probably be delivered in January. As well as clothing there are swim bags and towels available.

All swimmers who compete need a poolshirt though if you have an old one you may wear during the next year as we transition to new kit. Club hats are the only items that can be directly purchased from the club. So remember this is the last chance to order kit/poolshirts this year as the shop will probably reopen late next spring for summer delivery.

A note on sizing and personalisation - please double check the size guides on the Swimzi site. The female cut poolshirts are a much more fitted style than the old ones we are used too. So size up if you want baggy! Personalisation is available on all poolshirts please ensure you fill in the correct fields on the site if you want personalisation, as corrections are difficult.

Any questions please contact Katy Armstrong via Spond