Sheffield City SC operate a squad system. Swimmers are allocated a place in a squad according to ability and have the opportunity to rise through the squads through improvement, attitude and commitment. 

In order for swimmers to develop so that they can compete at the highest level and enjoy their swimming, it is important they are in the right squad.  This means they will have training of the right duration and intensity whilst developing their technique and preparing for competition.

Squad movements will be reviewed formally twice per year, and agreed changes will likely start with a trial of one session per week and, if successful, this could progress to two sessions or a full move.  The trial is a two way process: the coach needs to be confident the swimmer can cope with the step up and  the swimmer and parents need to be happy with no detrimental effects i.e. school performance.  A swimmer could move squads outside these formal reviews in exceptional circumstances i.e. rapid development and progression.

During September, coaches will review and observe swimmers who may be ready for moving with a view to starting trials.  This enables swimmers to fully utilise the sessions available to them in their current squad following the summer break. Coaches will review the numbers in each squad following the full return to swimming from the holiday period and also the removal of Covid restriction to assess available capacity in each.  SCSC are also at two competitions in September with a large proportion of the club at the Rotherham Metro Gala.  Squad movements won’t be agreed purely on a child’s age or speed.  Coaches will be looking for:

  1. Sound technique of all for strokes as well starts and turns appropriate to the squad.
  2. Capacity to take on more training and of a higher intensity.
  3. High attendance and a positive attitude at current squad sessions.
  4. Representing SCSC at appropriate competitions with improvement in personal best times.
  5. Available capacity in the squad to be moved in to.

The current squad structure is as follows:

A-Squad is for competitive swimmers who compete regularly and should have reached at least county or regional standard. The coach will assess the swimmer's ability to attain the level of training required of this squad.

B-Squad is for swimmers ready to take on a greater intensity and duration of training.  There will be a significant focus on fine tuning competitive techniques and swimmers should commit to representing Sheffield City Swimming Club at least 4 times per year.  Swimmers will typically be between 11 and 14 and this squad will prepare them for A squad and/or the National Development Squad.

C-Squad is for swimmers under 13 years who are just starting out in competitive swimming. They are coached on competitive swimming techniques and train at a level to improve fitness, strength and stamina.

Youth & Masters Squad is for swimmers who want to maintain a good level of fitness and may wish to apply this in a competitive environment. Swimmers may be former competitive swimmers looking for a return to competition or newer, older swimmers looking to develop the capacity for the intensive training required for the upper squads.