Sheffield City SC operate a squad system. Swimmers are allocated a place in a squad according to ability and have the opportunity to rise through the squads through improvement, attitude and commitment. Squad movements are usually discussed with the swimmer(s) prior to a trial move, where the swimmer must demonstrate to ability to maintain the level of training required for a higher squad position. The head coach reserves the right to move swimmers between squads at any time.

The current squad structure is as follows:

A-Squad is for competitive swimmers who compete regularly and should have reached at least county or regional standard. The coach will assess the swimmer's ability to attain the level of training required of this squad.

B-Squad is for competitive swimmers who are building towards A-squad. Younger swimmers may be offered a B-squad place if the coaches agree they have demonstrated the ability to.

C-Squad is for swimmers under 13years who are just starting out in competitive swimming. They are coached on competitive swimming techniques and train at a level to improve fitness, strength and stamina.

Youth & Masters Squad is for swimmers who want to maintain a good level of fitness and may wish to apply this in a competitive environment. Swimmers may be former competitive swimmers looking for a return to competition or newer, older swimmers looking to develop the capacity for the intensive training required for the upper squads.