There were some great performances in the Winter Yorkshire Championships recently.

Congratulations to all those who took part! Qualifying for this event is an achievement. Some swimmers came back with medals and there were quite a few who came in the top ten in their events.

Well done everyone!

Here are the results;



Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 50m Breast 12yrs



Robbie Burton 50m fly 16yrs/over 

Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 200m IM 12 yrs 



Abigail Sinclair 50m Back 13yrs 

Abigail Sinclair 100m Back 13yrs 

Thomas Bergmann 100m Breast 11yrs 

4th Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 100m Breast 12yrs 

4th Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 100m Fly 12yrs 

5th Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 100m Free 12yrs 

7th Barnaby Howarth-Osborn 50m Free 12yrs 

4th Abigail Sinclair 100m Free 13yrs 

5th Benjamin Halsey 50m Breast 9yrs 

5th Robbie Burton 50m Free 15yrs/over 

5th Robbie Burton 50m Back 15yrs/over 

5th Robbie Burton 50m Breast 15yrs/over 

10th Robbie Burton 100m Fly 15yrs/over 

9th Ewan Cresswell 100m Back 15yrs 

8th Ewan Cresswell 200m IM 15yrs 

6th Thomas Bergmann 50m Breast 11yrs 

9th Thomas Bergmann 50m Back 11yrs