Heeley air/water quality

As you may be aware we are experiencing problems at the moment with the air/water quality at Heeley which has caused coughing bouts, stinging eyes and skin rashes, to varying extents for a few of our swimmers.  All water tests are well within standard limits but clearly something is a miss. It appears to be worse on hotter days. We have asked Heeley to address the issue as a matter of urgency.  In the meantime however can we ask that ALL swimmers shower before entering the pool, particularly at Heeley, to ensure that no contaminants from hair gel, make up, sweat, deodorants, etc are added to the pool as irritants can be produced when these chemicals react with the chlorine based compounds. 


Alterations at Ponds Forge due to British and English Nationals

As normal our pool time at Ponds Forge is cancelled from Monday 23rd July till Friday 3rd August due to National events. Alterations are as follows;

Monday 23rd & 30th July - A Squad and Y&M to swim at Concord 8.30-9.30pm

Tuesday 24th & 31st July - A Squad to swim with B Squad at Heeley 8.00-9.30pm

Wednesday 25th July & 1st August - No training for A squad or Y&M

Thursday 26th July & 2nd August - No Training for A & B Squad