January Training Sessions


From Monday 6th January David Broadbent will now cover C Squad as well as being B Squad Coach.

Please note that the C Squad Wednesday session at Graves will now remain at the original time of 7pm-8pm.

In order to facilitate both B and C Squad on Monday’s at Concord and to remain within the recommended coach to swimmer ratio rules C Squad will train 7pm till 8pm and B Squad will train 8pm till 9pm. This is a temporary arrangement until an appropriate lifeguard becomes available. 

Y&M, your sessions on Mondays will be covered by Katie and Tracy. Each Monday will be covered, both coaches will take alternate weeks. Monday 13th January Tracy will coach, Monday 20th January Katie will coach and so on. 


January & February Training Alterations due to Yorkshires

Fridays      31st  January    A Squad Springs   19.30-21.30   cancelled
                   7th  February  A Squad Springs   19.30-21.30   cancelled
                 21st  February   A Squad Springs   19.30-21.30   cancelled

                 On the above Fridays A-Squad swimmers not attending Yorkshires can swim with B Squad

Saturdays  1st February A&B Squad Heeley 17.00-19.00    cancelled
                  8th February A&B Squad Heeley 17.00-19.00   cancelled
               22nd February  A&B Squad Heeley 17.00-19.00   cancelled

                 On the above Saturdays A&B-Squad swimmers not attending Yorkshires can swim with Y&M 

Sundays    2nd February Heeley 18.30-19.30   cancelled
                 9th February  Heeley 18.30-19.30   cancelled
                 23rd February Heeley 18.30-19.30  cancelled

                  On the above Sundays:         Gym will be from 15.00-16.00

                                                            A&B will swim from 16.00-17.30

                                                            Y&M will swim from 17.30-18.30